Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apology expression

Read the dialogues below carefully!

1. A woman is talking with her son’s high- school principal.

Piero : Well, Mrs. Quitman, its look like your son going to be a Harvard man next year.

Mrs. Quitman : Dr. Piero, how can we ever thank you? You’ve done so much to help our boy.

Piero : No need to thank me. It’s part of my job, after all.

Mrs. Quitman : Well, thank you again anyway. We really appreciate the time and interest you’ve taken.

2. Mother and a daughter in the home.

Mother : Can you help me to cook our dinner, please?

Her daughter : I am sorry, Mummy, I have to finish my homework’s, but I can help you to prepare our dessert, Mom.

Mother : Can I show my appreciation by buying you an ice cream, tomorrow?

A daughter : Don’t mention it.

Perhatikan ketiga dialog di atas dengan seksama, ada berbagai macam ungkapan yang berbeda- beda dalam tiap dialog tersebut. Ungkapan – ungkapan tersebut, yaitu: gratitude/ thanking expression (ungkapan terima kasih), apology expression (ungkapan permintaan maaf), asking and giving information ( menanyakan dan memberi informasi)

Study this explanation carefully!

1. Thanking/ Gratitude expression (ungkapan terima kasih)




Thank you

Thank you for calling

That was very kind of you

It was very nice of you to help me

How can I ever thank you?

I can’t thank you enough

I really appreciate what you’ve done for my family.

Can I show my appreciation by buying you some of junk foods?

It’s O.K

Never mind

Thank you

Not problem

That’s all right

You’re welcome

Don’t mention it

That’s quite all right

No need to thank me

It was my pleasure

Thank you very much

2. Apology expression (ungkapan permintaan maaf)



I’m sorry

I apologize

Sorry about that

I beg your pardon

I apologize for saying that

I must apologize for my son’s rudeness

Please forgive me for having thrown your book away.

Forget about that

Don’t worry about that

No problem

I forgive you

I accept your apologies

You don’t have to apologize

There’s no need to apologize

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