Tuesday, September 28, 2010

admitting/denying expressions

Practice the following dialog with your partner!

Two friends are at National Park.

Luna : Look at the Tiger! That’s big one and wild animal, right?

Maya : Oh yeah, it is dangerous animal.

Luna : Tiger is also called big cat.

Maya : How can be?

Luna : It looks like a cat with big size but a cat isn’t dangerous animal.

Maya : Are you sure? A cat also has sharp nails like Tiger, it must be dangerous one! I don’t like cat!

Luna : Not at all! I’ll show you my cat. It’s so cute.

They go to Luna’s house. Luna asks Maya to touch her cat.

Luna : C’mon…touch the fur. It isn’t dangerous, it will not beat you!

Maya : Okay, I’ll try it…Aww! It beats my hand! You said that your cat will not beat me.

Luna : Ups! I didn’t say that.

Maya : You’ve said that. Your cut hurts me.

Luna : Yes, it does. I lied to you.

I’m sorry, dear. I admit now.

My cat doesn’t like stranger. It will beat anyone that is near it.

Perhatikan kalimat yang dicetak tebal dalam dialog diatas. Kalimat tersebut adalah ungkapan- ungkapan yang digunakan untuk mengakui fakta atau kebenaran (admitting fact) dan mengingkari fakta atau kebenaran (denying fact).

Study the admitting/denying expressions below!

Admitting Fact

Denying Fact

I admit it

Yes, I did

Alright, it’s true

I didn’t say that!

Swear! I am not lying!

It isn’t dangerous animal!

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